Billings Trap Club

Team Handicap League


  1. FORMAT:  Five shooters from a Team’s roster will shoot 50 targets each week from a Handicap yardage determined by that team’s total target score of the previous week.    (See Earned yardage table on page 2)  Shooters must be placed on the squad in order of their personal average.  Highest average on post one to lowest on post five.  Zero average     (1st time) shooters, without a previous score for that shooting year, must shoot post 2 & 3.


2.   FEES:  Fee’s will be established by the BTC Board.  They may include:

BTC Membership, League Shooter fee, League Sponsor Fee, and Target Fee.

This weekly Team Target Fee is GUARANTEED by the team to BTC and shall be paid whether targets are shot or not (for all 5 shooters)


      3.   SCHEDULE:  League shooting will start the first week of daylight savings time and end in August; generally the shoot-off weekend is 1 week before the Labor Day weekend. The schedule is designed with a “bowling card rotation.”   The first day all “new teams” will shoot from the 22-yard line.  Returning teams will shoot from their previous year’s shoot off yardage.  Teams will be numbered at random. The first pairings will be teams 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 5 vs. 6, etc.  By the second day of shooting, the schedule of pairings and times will be posted and copies distributed.  Each week, teams will be assigned to load traps and other chores after the shooting is complete at 8 PM.  Watch the posted schedule to make sure your job is completed.  Each week a Team’s Captain must deliver Total target fees and their roster of 5 chosen shooters listed in descending average order, on the squad card provided, showing each shooter’s average, to the League Squadding window, at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time.  Teams will shoot one round (25 targets) at their posted starting time and then their matched or competing team will shoot one round.  There will usually be two matches (4 teams) per trap so the team’s 2nd round will be shot +1 hour after starting time.  If a team misses its starting time that round may be made up but only following all other scheduled rounds on that trap.  If a shooter misses shooting with their squad, on round one, the score cannot be made up.  They may however shoot with their squad as “practice” on post 5 on the second round.  Their score will not count but since the post has to be paid in advance it is an opportunity to shoot the practice round.  Make sure to tell the trap puller in advance not to score post 5 in that particular case. 



·        Each Post shoots “head to head” for 2 points(each post)  =  10 Points (Ties Divide points)

·        Total Team targets =   4 Points (Ties Divide points)

·         Total points available each week =  14 Points


In Case of a team forfeit or a division that does not have an equal number of teams for a head to head competition; they will shoot against the Phantom team.  The Phantom team scores will be determined by the nightly average by post pairing and the points be applied accordingly.


5.   EARNED YARDAGE TABLE:  Teams Total Targets = Earned Yardage

·         Up  to 180 = 18

·         181 to 185 = 19

·         186 to 190 = 20

·         191 to 195 = 21

·         196 to 200 = 22

·         201 to 205 = 23

·         206 to 210 = 24

·         211 to 215 = 25

·         216 to 220 = 26

·         221 to 250 = 27


No team can move more than two (2) yards either forward or back regardless of yardage earned.  No team earning 10 points or more will move forward the next week regardless of yardage earned.


6.   ALTERNATES:  An ALTERNATE is anyone shooting for a team not their own.  Some teams have more than five shooters on their roster.  A team, which does not have five members present, may use alternates to avoid forfeiting points.  The League squadding window may list those who wish to shoot as alternates for the convenience of those needing shooters.  DURING THE REGULAR SEASON, members may shoot as alternates with the following restrictions:

·         Cannot shoot for the team Matched against your team that event.

·         May only post one 50-target score per day.

·         Only two alternates allowed per team.


ON SHOOTOFF DAY, Alternates, (maximum of 2) must be drawn at random for teams unable to field a full squad of REGULAR MEMBERS.  A “REGULAR MEMBER” must have shot at least 1/3 of the season for their team.  All members must have shot ½ of the season plus one week to be eligible for individual awards such as High Average and Most Improved.


  1. SHORT SQUADS & other EXCEPTIONS:  If fewer than (5) five shoot, the next week’s yardage will be figured as follows:

·         If 4 shoot:  total targets divided by 4 X 5 plus 4

·         If 3 shoot:  total targets divided by 3 X 5 plus 8

Example: 4 Shooters shoot and their total targets are 160.  160 / 4 = 40 X 5 = 200 + 4 = 204 and that adjusted target total applied to the earned yardage table, but in no case will they move forward!  Club Officers will decide rainout conditions and scoring irregularities.  If all teams have shot 25 targets, that score may be doubled and considered a complete night.  If all have not shot 25 targets no scores will be recorded and those Matches rescheduled on a makeup day. 


  1. Divisions:  The board of Directors assisted by the League Committee Chairman(s) will determine the number of divisions for the starting of the year.  They will also determine the date at which divisions will be reassigned based on the team’s total (broken) targets.  One (1) week prior to this change, a new schedule will be published and available.


Note:  ATA rules as determined applicable will apply.