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Individual Scores  (8/24/2011)

Cumulative League Team Standings (8/24/2011)

Weekly Team Scores (8/24/2011)

2011 Team Schedule click here 4/6/2011 v2

2011 Shoot-Off Results - click here

Reminder to shooters to sign-up and pay for the shoot-off day by Wednesday August 24th!

The League party will be Saturday, Aug. 27th, and Shoot off day is Sunday, August 28th.

Shoot Off Schedule of Events - click here for PDF

Team Duty Roster - click here for PDF

League Team Signup form - Received with your score sheet - Needs to be turned in by Wednesday 24th

Individual Sign up form - see cashier

NOTICE: There is a rules change for determining points as a result of a forfeit.
One of the reasons for this change was the recent flooding did cause our team from Roundup to forfeit twice in recent weeks.
This change will effect the teams that shot/shoot against a team that has forfeited.  The opposing team will not automatically receive all the points.  They will shoot
against the Phantom team scores.  The Phantom team scores will be determined by the nightly average by post pairing and be applied accordingly.
This change is retroactive to the start of the 2011 League year.

We will shoot each Wednesday April 6
th  through August 24th

The League party will be Saturday, Aug. 27th,
and Shoot offs Sunday, August 28th.

Captains: Remember, you are the Safety Officer for your team.
Be sure that all shooters, new and old alike are mindful of the rules!

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